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This page includes various expansion-specific information about what is available


All vanilla/classic zones are available.

  • Freeport is classic version
  • Cazic Thule (zone) is classic version
  • Warrens is available
  • The Hole is 1.0
  • Plane of Hate is 1.0.
    • You can port your group there by buying a token from vendor in The Hub and returning it to them.
  • Plane of Sky has a custom currency which can be used to purchase what you need from a vendor in the quest room.
    • You can port your group there by buying a token from vendor in The Hub and returning it to them.
  • Some zones have had their loot drops tweaked.


All Kunark zones are available.

Chardok is the original 1.0 version (non-revamp)

Veksar is accessible from Shadowrest.

Veeshan's Peak is 2.0


All Velious zones are available.

Sleeper's Tomb requires a key.

Killing Warders spawns Kerafyrm (custom encounter), and Kerafyrm will respawn after death.


Some Luclin raid zones and dungeons are accessible from Shadowrest.

Planes of Power

Most Planes of Power zones are available. PoK is not.

Refer to Zone Access & Flags for access info.

Hail the Planar Dictionary in The Hub to zone into Plane of Tranquility

New Spells & Abilities

Additional levels of some AAs are available with the launch of PoP.

There are a few ways to get those new AAs:

  • Obtain an IDAX potion and use it
  • Farm the necessary AA requirements (100 AAs per rank)

General Guidance:

  • Farm PoP tokens until you have the spells and (rank 5) abilities you want
  • Use IDAX or spend 100 AA for rank 6-8


  • IDAX stands for Ixiquest Dynamic Advanced eXperience!
  • Consuming the IDAX will use it up and grant you the associated ability, as well as a large amount of (spent) AA points
  • IDAX come in 3 levels: Minor, Normal, and Advanced
    • You can purchase Minor and Advanced IDAX from Hrelic Reista in Plane of Tranquility for PoP tokens
    • PoP raid encounters can drop IDAX of various types. This is the only way to obtain some IDAX

PoP Tokens

  • PoP Spells and some IDAX can be purchased via PoP coins
    • To get PoP coins, you need PoP tokens
    • Tokens drop in PoP zones off mobs level 58+ (chance increases with mob difficulty)
  • Speak to Hrelic Reista in Plane of Tranquility to purchase IDAX, buy PoP era spells or convert tokens to coins.
    • Requires 200 AA's total to interact with the NPC
    • Requires AA's purchased up to currently available level for each AA.
  • PoP Token Value:
 +PoP Token (Minor) = 1 PoP Coin
 +PoP Token (Major) = 5 PoP Coins
 +PoP Token (Adv) = 1 Adv PoP Coin
  • Normal PoP Coin - Available Spells & Abilities(5 PoP Coin Per):
 +Some Level 61 and 62 PoP spells
 +Mental Clarity (minor) (up to level 5)
 +Combat Agility (minor) (up to level 5)
 +Combat Stability (minor)(up to level 5)
  • Advanced PoP Coin - Available Spells & Abilities(1 Adv Coin Per):
 +Some Level 63 spells
 +Some class IDAX

Raid Drop Idax Upgrades

  • IDAX listed above can also drop from many PoP raid encounters
  • Raid Drop Only Idax - Available Spells & Abilities:
 +Mental Clarity (up to level 8)
 +Combat Agility (up to level 8)
 +Combat Stability (up to level 8)
 +Planar Power (up to level 10)
 +Mystical Attuning (up to level 6)


  • Each character must have an Adventurer's Stone (can be in the bank)
  • Adventurer's Stone can be purchased from LDON merchant in The Hub, near training dummies
  • Minimum group size to get an LDON adventure is 4
  • Adventures are available in Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Successful completion will reward LDON points. Check the vendors for what is available