Custom Encounters

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Raid Mobs
Spirit of the Griffin, East Commonlands, Low-Medium Difficulty
Twisted N`Zik, Overthere, Medium-High Difficulty
Collector Bjorn, Kael, Medium-High Difficulty
A Failed Experiment, Velketor, Medium-High Difficulty
The Mighty Froglok King, Lower Guk, Low-Medium Difficulty
Froak, Lower Guk, Low-Medium Difficulty
The Mighty King Tranix, SolB, Low-Medium Difficulty
Mushrot, Sebilis, Medium Difficulty
Soul Impaler, Shadowrest, Very High Difficulty
Mayong Mistmoore, Mistmoore, Medium Difficulty
Boondoggle, Befallen, Medium Difficulty
Orc Supreme, Crushbone, Medium Difficulty

Tower of Frozen Shadows, High-Very High Difficulty