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Check the FAQ for common questions

Beginner Tips

One of the first things you should do after creating your new character is visit the East Commonlands Tunnel. On this server, the area inside the tunnel is known as The Hub, and contains many new merchants, quests, and helpful NPCs. It's also where people tend to meet up before venturing into the world. You can visit the hub from any home city by talking to the Local Assistant near the town gate. You can choose to get your first few levels in the traditional (classic) newbie area outside your home city, or in the Tutorial Zone (Mines of Gloomingdeep) by talking to Kardador Tarsinian in The Hub. Talk to the lizardman for a translocate back to your bind point.

Places to gain EXP

  • 1-9: Outside your starting city, Tutorial Zone, Crushbone, Warrens, Befallen
  • 10-19: Kurn's Tower, Befallen, Blackburrow, Crushbone, Upper Guk
  • 20-29: Upper Guk, SolA, Najena, Estate of Unrest, Clan Runnyeye, Mistmoore, Stonebrunt Mountains
  • 30-39: Cazic Thule, Mistmoore, Splitpaw, Crystal Caverns, Nurga, Unrest, Kaesora, SolB
  • 40-49: Crystal Caverns, Solusek's Eye (SolA), City of Mist, Temple of Droga, Nagafens Lair (SolB), Lower Guk
  • 50-59: Karnors Castle, The Hole, Sebilis, Dragon Necropolis, Howling Stones, Chardok, Velketor's Labyrinth
  • 60+: The Hole, Sebilis, Dragon Necropolis, Velketor's Lab, Howling Stones, Chardok, Kael, Planes

Note: Take a look at the Watchmaker and Keys of Horror quests (linked on this wiki) before you head out, as they take you through many leveling zones you might be visiting anyway.

Adventure Cards

Most enemies you kill with drop Adventure Cards. Hail Tally Cruz in the EC Tunnel (aka The Hub) to convert them into a currency that can be used for exp boost buffs, potions, items, and others goodies.


Teleporter Maru is a lizard NPC located in the hub. This NPC will translocate you to several destinations, one for each continent and a couple other hard to reach places. Replacing boats there are translocators available at the docks to take you to additional ports on entry. Starting at level 1, all character receive the Origin alternate ability. This allows you to gate to your starting city every 13 minutes. Find this hotkey under your alternate advancement menu under the General tab. If the AA is greyed out find the Spirit Assistant in the hub, hail them, and click 'AAs'.

Auction Ogre

Klob Pulp the Auction Ogre will allow a player to list most items up for sale to other players using chat commands. Attunable items cannot be sold via the ogre.

[Buying] Click the auction ogre Klob Pulp and click [buy] and then click [list]. Click the next and previous links to scroll through pages of items. Click 'Buy Now' to order an item.

[Searching] The primary commands for searching are:

Search By NAME, example: /say search+tranquil (search for an item with tranquil in the name).
Search By CLASS, example: /say class+mnk (search for all items wearable by monk) or /say class+mnk+hands (search all items for monk's that go in the hand slot)
Search By PRICE, example: /say price+1+500 (Search for items between 1 and 500 platinum)
Search By SPELL, example: /say spell+nec (Search for all spells for the Necro class.)

[History] Shows sales history of items:

Search By NAME, example: /say history+tranquil (search the sales history of an item with tranquil in the name).

[Selling] To list an item use commit+ or direct+

Automated selling example: /say commit+silverwing cloak+1000 (list a silverwing cloak for 1000 platinum). you must type the item name exactly, or you can conveniently use item links.
Direct selling xample: /say direct+100 bone chips+20 (buyers will need to contact you directly to buy the item, good for items that can't be listed using commit like clickies and other items)

[Edit; Cancel or Repost] Hail Klob Pulp and click edit, here you can cancel items, or repost expired items.

[Cashout] Hail Klob Pulp and click [cashout] to receive and profit you have made. The Auction Ogre will take a 10% commission from every sale.

Spell Trade-In (50+)

Jayson Bri'Tian rewards you with Silver Coins for trading in some high-level spells in order to obtain certain class defining out of era and custom spells. He will accept specific globally dropped spells that are not from the Kunark era, though some may drop in Kunark. Hail him for a list of spells he will accept, or trade a spell to him to see if he will accept it. If he doesn't want it, he will hand it back. Generally he will exchange a spell he wants for 30 silver tokens. Spells generally cost 100 Silver tokensIt's beneficial to test if he will accept your spells as trade in before selling them on the open market. Jayson is the only place you can obtain silver token currency.

Bonus Advancement EXP

Once you have achieved level 60 and 200 AA points hail Vorana Bix in the hub to learn about BONUS advancement.

How to report a bug

Visit and click on the Discord link, once you join the server within a few minutes someone will grant you the appropriate rules for seeing all the channels. Create a reply in #bug-report and someone will assist you as quickly as possible.

How to make a suggestion

We welcome all your feedback and suggestions, but we make no promises that any of them will be implimented. Join our discord channel and use the #suggestion channel. A link to the Discord can be found at

Nerdy Server Stuff

The server is hosted using ther Azure Cloud VM service, Standard D2s v3 (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory) US West.

Premium Items

Premium items allowed players to customize their characters in specific non-game breaking ways such as changing your race, gender or diety, pet illusions, armor ornaments, nimbus effects and more. Obtain premium currency by supporting the operation of the server and visiting

Additional Resources

Visit and find links to these popular tools:

Wiki: For looking up general information, guides and walk-throughs.

Alla: For looking up IxiQuest specific NPC's, Spells and Items.

Discord: For connecting with others in the community.